Construction 10 (Final Assembly of Flight Testing Prototype)

Into the final cleanup and details now. (Paint will be last.)
Final tail parts are being vacuum bagged, and I've started on the RC installation. Here's the nosewheel steering servo.

I'm using BVM hatch latches for this project. Building the little lite ply frame for the pin receptacle makes installation neater, and if need be, more easily removable. If you glue the pin receptacle in place by itself, it tends to be "forever", but the small frame is easier to debond, or even break away, if needed.

Here's the installation, as seen from below, looking through one of the landing gear doors.

I still have to vacuum bag the second taileron and second vertical fin, but here's what I have, assembled.
I've adjusted the main and nose gear struts for the proper stance, and everything looks like it did in CAD.

After the large areas are painted, I'll be adding some pinstripes, etc..

Looking pretty good so far.

Started adding some of the pinstripes today. No paint on the bottom of the plane yet.
If you're wondering where the other vertical fin and taileron are, see below.

j47 detail image
Bottom rear view, showing some rarely-seen parts.

j47 detail image
Rear hatch opening, showing some engine and linkage installation.
The hopper tank here is fed from the main tank, which is on the C.G..

j47 detail image
Cockpit hatch opening, showing radio installation.

Everything is painted, the radio gear is installed, and the model is assembled.

Part of prototype life... I 'm severely overweight, at 12 1/2 pounds. Production versions should be 10 pounds or less, with the same power.

Another shot...

Almost ready to fly...
This project ended abruptly here, due to the high labor costs to produce kits.

I'm completely out of the fabrication business. I have no kits, plans, or parts of any kind for sale, and now make my living strictly doing the 3D design work. (3D models, images, and animation) All that work is on

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